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Portable Blender’s powerful 6 point stainless steel blades cut through ice and frozen fruits in minutes to give you healthy, tasty shakes, pulps and more…

  • Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, busy moms, and health-conscious people
  • Seamlessly blends Juices, Smoothies, Cocktails and Baby Food 
  • Enjoy a healthy drink on the go!
  • Cuts frozen ice and frozen fruits in minutes
  • No mess, no fuss, No cords 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Handy, Convenient and powerful

Designed for convenience, Portable Blender is empowered with robust 150w that works on a jet speed of 22000 rpm to crush ice, nuts, and frozen fruits quickly.

  • Six-point stainless steel blade 
  • Ergonomic, Smart and compact design 
  • Powerful enough to crush the ice
  • Robust 150W motor that works at a super speed of 22000 rpm
  • Blends ice, nuts and frozen fruits to a smooth pulp
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Portable Blender is powerful and has a strong battery in order to give you as many uses as possible between charges. The 2000mAh battery will allow between 10-12 standard uses between charges.

  • Built-in high-quality rechargeable batteries 
  • Long-lasting powerful battery life
  • 2000mAh battery
  • USB chargeable battery can be quickly charged
  • Makes 8 to 12 healthy beverages on a single charge
  • Compatible with all kinds of charging devices such as  USB port, laptop, power bank or computer


Portable Blender is made from premium quality BPA free, food-grade material. Built with smart safety measures such as automatic switch off to prevent overheating, the blender functions only when all the parts are secured properly.

  • 380ml blender capacity
  • Powerful Six Point built-in Stainless Blade
  • Made from BPA free and food-grade plastic and stainless steel
  • 150W motor
  • Runs at 22000 rpm
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Operates noiselessly
  • Smart safety features such as Auto Stop to prevent overheating
  • Works only when all parts are properly secured to prevent accidents/spills

Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $69.00.

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Portable Blender is safe to carry in the flight, when empty. While people haven’t faced any problems carrying Portable Blender while flying, the power to give approval rests with airlines.

Portable Blender accommodates 380ml.

Yes, you can charge Portable Blender with wall plug of phone charger, use power bank or even your car’s USB charger for charging.

You can easily make 8 to 12 drinks on a single charge. Kindly charge Portable Blender in between, whenever possible to enjoy a seamless experience.

Portable Blender has a motor at the base. As such, it is not suitable for dishwasher. Portable Blender’s plastic body may get damaged because of dishwasher heat. So clean the Portable Blender as instructed above.

Portable Blender cleans itself actually…Fill water, add a drop of soap, rinse and blend. Repeat if necessary. After few uses, it is recommended that the Portable Blender be thoroughly cleaned by dissembling every part. The silicone rings should be washed separately. Dry every part thoroughly before assembling and sealing.

No, Portable Blender works discreetly. It gives a soft buzzing sound while blending soft fruits and liquids. The noise will be a bit more when blending hard substance such as ice.

Yes, Portable Blender is made from BPA free and food grade plastic and stainless steel. As such it is totally safe for food.

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